Recipe: Delicious Chili Cheese Hotdogs

Chili Cheese Hotdogs.

Chili Cheese Hotdogs You can cook Chili Cheese Hotdogs using 6 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chili Cheese Hotdogs

  1. You need of Hotdog's (I like all beef).
  2. Prepare of Mustard.
  3. Prepare of Ketchup.
  4. It’s of Sweet Relish.
  5. It’s of Hotdog Sauce (I use my homemade Chili if I have some left over).
  6. Prepare of Hotdog buns.

Chili Cheese Hotdogs step by step

  1. Cook hotdogs (grill, boil, or microwave) I grill..
  2. Place 2 hot buns in microwave 8 to 10 sec to soften. Place hot dog in bun and add your favorite ingredients. Mine are listed above. Enjoy!!.

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